Ultraversity Case Study

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This is the presentation (as a PDF) I have used to promote the innovative Ultraversity project we developed and implemented in Ultralab, Anglia Ruskin University from January 2003 – December 2006. The project’s main outcome was a degree programme which is still recruiting and has had enormous success.

I have left there now, but so much of me went into it’s design and management that I have made the effort to annotate each slide so that the presentation makes more sense without me there to talk it through. The video’s are missing for now, but watch this space…

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  1. Hi Richard, love the PDF file. It is great to look back at the beginnings – Ultralab’s astonishing team, the commitment from everyone to achieve an extraordinary degree – and to look forward. Cohort 3 have just had their results, and will be at the graduation ceremony with Cohort 4 in November. Despite the challenges of the last couple of years (!) it has been great to see many of the underlying principles catching alight in other universities, and to find that we can still keep the embers burning. The pleasure in each graduate achieving individual goals, including Honours degrees, remains huge. I despair every time I read that online learning doesn’t work, because it obviously does work with the right combination of students and staff.

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