‘Relationship Productivity’, Identity and Privacy

Thanks to Wesley Fryer (and his informants!) I watched this movie from Vanessa Van Petten which explains her view of the ‘why’ of social networking.

It reminded me of the trouble I am in with simple email – the ability it has brought to maintain half-baked relationships with altogether too many people, and thus fail most of them. I have termed this ‘relationship productivity’ and view it as troublesome, but to a teenager it is real power. The issues of identity and privacy are easier for me to enjoy/control, and I reckon I get a buzz from them just like the modern teenager.

Ideas that can change the world

Ideas that can change the world

Went with Patrick to this excellent meeting of young and old minds. We spoke to Cameron (8) who told us his ideas for a “mp3 and mp4” player so that he wouldn’t get bored when avoiding his younger brother! It reminded me that changing the world starts small, and visions of what’s important are close to home as well as global.

Royal College of Music and Royal Ballet School collaboration

RCMJD musicians and RBS dancers

I was privileged to attend this event at the Royal Ballet School. It was performed by musicians and dancers of their own joint works. I was most impressed by the sophistication in both music and dance and the articulate way they explained their own challenges in collaboration against real deadlines in the discussion afterwards.

I could never have imagined that this was what Sasha would be confidently doing in 2007, when, ten years earlier aged 5, he set out on a musical career.