3 Replies to “TeachMeet ’08 at BETT”

  1. It was great to see you again Richard. I’m back struggling with an assignment for my FE teaching course today and thinking longingly of patchwork texts. Do you think my tutor would faint? Maybe he’d like it! Only one way to find out (grins).
    Is your Learning Landscape still online somewhere? I wanted to reference it. My link was to an ultralab site – gone of course 🙁

  2. Thought I had better do a bit of research before hearing you speak in NZ next week at the L@S conference.

    I was there in the room with you at BETT- virtually though through Ustream. I loved Ewan’s arcade type name chooser. Very cool and lots of laughs it seems.

    Welcome to NZ.

  3. Looks like you got a good spot by the bar.

    Also i never see that many Millwood’s and we were there in the same room without knowing.

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