Rotorua learning@school 2008

Audience using laptops in Learning@School

The participants in Learning@School have brought so many laptops it broke the wireless! I am here in New Zealand with Patrick to present at this massive teachers’ conference organised by Core Education. I have two workshops on ‘Delight in Learning’ and a keynote to present on ‘Learners at the Centre’ at the end. In fact I have just finished the first workshop and learnt some really useful ideas of how delight happens in learning, which will be reported on the conference web site (I will edit this post then to include a link).

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  1. Hey Richard,

    Great to play last night. We broke the internet- twittering via phone.

    Looking forward to your keynote tomorrow.



  2. Hi Richard
    Thanks for a great keynote presentation. It was very inspirational for me. The use of different voices is very powerful and exemplifies what we should be using as teachers. It was great to see how ‘connected’ you were as well. I only wish you had been one of the first speaker with a full energetic audience.
    Thanks again

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